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Trinity Worldwide Co., Ltd. (TWW), formerly known as Trinity Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (TTL), is the flagship company of the Trinity GROUP OF COMPANIES based in Taipei, Taiwan. Established in 1992, TWW is a leading manufacturer and exporter of computer systems, peripherals & networking products. TWW is also a distributor for electronic components and a leading IPO for major manufacturing industries in India and other south east Asian countries.

Superior customer support and after sales service of computer hardware and electric components has being strengthened by setup of subsidiary companies in Hong Kong, China,  USA, Dubai and India.

Software Services:

In 1999, Trinity Worldwide Co., Ltd. (TWW), signed a partnership agreement with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (Asia largest Software Solution Provider). As a partner of TCS, and with a team of highly qualified software professionals at Trinity Infosys India Pvt. Ltd., TWW provides ERP Services, Software Solutions, Multilingual PDA Software Solutions and Web Translation Services in English, Chinese & Japanese. Furthermore, TWW also caters to the Taiwan market for the outgoing demand of Hi-Tech human resources in the field of both Computer Software and Hardware.

TWW has set high standards for all the other TRINITY GROUP OF COMPANIES. From the inception quality comes first has been the motto of the company. Improving customer service has always been the highest priority at TWW. All efforts are directed towards introducing value-added products to the market place, to stay ahead in this constantly changing business environment by enhancing the relationships with the customers.

TWW is a people Oriented company, sharing its achievements with all those who are involved in the business, valuing its capable and loyal staff and recognizing its clients as essential lifeblood of its success.

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